14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program

14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program

Module 1: Turning Past Struggles Into Success

Throughout 3 video segments and worksheets, you'll increase your awareness of the 28 factors that will create the difference between weight loss success and failure. And by getting a better understanding how these factors play a role in your life and in your past dieting efforts, we'll create the basis for future success. These are the insights you've been missing all along...

Module 2: Easy Steps To Get You Started

The thought of having to change everything we eat in order to be healthier almost always proves too much to stomach - and as a result, people defer the issue until later in their lives. The solution? After we analyze what you'll eat on a regular basis, we can zero in on the worst offenders and make small changes. To start, you don't need to change anything else, but those tweaks will already make a huge impact on your weight.

Module 3: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Actually, it all starts in the grocery store and how you stock your kitchen, pantry and fridge. Once we've taken care of logistics, it's time to turn our attention to cooking basics that allow professional experts like me to amp up taste, flavor and deliciousness without having to add calories. And isn't that exactly what you'd love to do?

Module 4: 14-Day Meal Plan

While celebrities can hire personal chefs and nutritionists to take the guesswork out of slimming down while eating real food, us regular folks don't have that luxury. However, my 14-Day Kick-Start Meal Plan is the affordable next best thing: by simply following this easy plan with delicious recipes, you will slim your body in just two weeks -- while kick-starting a healthier lifestyle. Real results, RIGHT NOW.

Module 5: Delicious Recipes

To expand your horizons and provide for added variety, you can choose from an extra 150 delicious, mouthwatering recipes, complete with nutritional profiles. You'll be your family's star when you WOW them with these instant favorites. These recipes are neither in the mealplan nor in my cookbook. It's 100% taste, 0% guilt -- guaranteed!

Module 6: Skinny Secrets

My recipes are easy to prepare, even for the beginning cook. But I want to share my secrets on how you can create the delicious flavors of ANY restaurant or take-out food, while shaving off 100s of calories. As part of this offer, you'll also get exclusive webinars dedicated just to you to answer any questions surrounding recipes, substitutions, or weight loss.

Discussion Groups

Make friends with like-minded community members – find people from your area or with your interests in our member directory. Share your stories, successes and questions in our discussion groups dedicated to healthy eating, motivation, exercise and healthy eating.

Special Free Bonus | Autographed Copy of Secrets of a Skinny Chef

Secrets of a Skinny ChefIn addition to 100 awesome dishes, my cookbook (a $25 value) includes my secrets how to lose weight "automagically" while enjoying your favorite foods. Ditch your diets and enjoy DECADENT foods and desserts, without deprivation or guilt!

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