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Cream of Tomato


Everyone loves soup and sandwich – but making it yourself can be inexpensive and a lot healthier. Make a low-cal tomato soup 1-2-3 with canned tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and a spoonful of sour cream – you can even make this in a blender. Homemade tomato soup doesn’t have all that corn syrup, preservative and sodium that comes in the pre-made canned soup – it’s also ¼ the price.

Turkey Bolognese


I love Parmesan but if you’re on a tight budget tangy Romano cheese is an ideal substitute at half the price. I use reduced fat cream cheese in place of heavy cream that usually appears in the traditional version.

Mac and Cheese


An American classic that hits the waistline and hips pretty hard! My version softens the blow of cheese by mixing in 2% cheddar.

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