How to Stop Cravings in Their Tracks

I was a bona fide sugar fiend when I was kid. A typical summer day would consist of at least 3 cans of sugary soda, a chocolate bar, and perhaps an especially high sugar candy such as a lollipop in the shape of a diamond ring or a vanilla-lavored edible stick to lick and dip into pure powdered sugar.

How Can I Stop Cravings?Thinking back now, I can’t imagine that I ever ate those things or even enjoyed them as much as I did. Now that I’ve kicked my sugar addition and I’m much wiser and happier, I’d like to tell you what happens behind the scenes in your body when you eat the wrong foods or play “blood sugar” jeopardy by skipping meals and eating a lot of white processed foods.

Skipping meals, then eating foods high in sugar and white processed products, and not adding high-fiber foods to your diet can cause your blood sugar to greatly dip or spike.

Here’s what’s going on: When you skip meals, your blood sugar drops below normal levels – and insufficient blood sugar reads like a “warning” signal to the brain that the body needs fuel, fast. This in turn can trigger wild cravings for foods you really don’t need – like high fat and high sugar treats – if you would have eaten in the first place.

So the most important concept to remember: Don’t skip meals (or breakfast for that matter), and keep an even blood sugar level!

Be a Blood Hound & Never Go Hungry!

Have you ever seen a blood hound on the hunt for a rabbit, nose to the ground, frantically sniffing, moving along and in tune with his own hunger? Well, that’s how seriously you should take your own hunger. Feeling truly hungry – and I don’t mean emotional urges to eat – means that you have a healthy body that comes with a healthy appetite. Here is a list of snacks and foods that your inner “blood hound” should be able to find in your desk at work, in your fridge, counter tops, and lunch bag:

#1 – An Apple a Day

Have an AppleEat a medium apple, only 74 calories, when you’re on the run to avoid that “starved” hunger that could drive you to the drive-through window.

Studies show that eating high-fiber foods (like apples) slows digestion which means you’ll feel less hungry while keeping blood sugar stable.

#2 – Juicy Foods

Eat watermelons!Remember what I told you about juicy foods? Think of foods like carrots, melon, and zucchini, as a bonus bonanza because they contain a lot of water to help you stay hydrated – but they are high in fiber to keep you feeling full in between meals, AND they also happen to be a low in calories: one large carrot at 30 calories, one cup of watermelon is 46 calories, one cup of zucchini is 20 calories.

6 responses to How to Stop Cravings in Their Tracks

  1. How do you cope with Salty cravings?

    • Hi there,

      I have salt cravings and I make kale chips with just a pinch of salt on top- so I still get that salty flavor with a lot less sodium compared to crackers or chips. You can find my kale chips video here:

  2. Aaghh, I’m helplessly in the grip of evening sweet cravings. Even as I walk to the kitchen I am telling myself not to do it, but it doesn’t help. I was very well-behaved for a long time, then the wheels came off and I just feel unable to control myself. I eat healthy meals, in sufficient but not excess quantities, yet when evening comes I’m permanently craving chocolate, cookies, etc. I just don’t know how to regain control because willpower simply isn’t available right now, and it’s a serious matter for me since I am diabetic and overweight.

    • Ahhhh Happens to me from time to time. Sometimes sweet craving is thirst in disguise. Drink a glass of water, and think back– did you get enough water throughout the day?

  3. Thanks for the response. It is possible that I’m thirsty, though I usually have a glass of water with dinner. Problem is, I’m on diuretics and a restricted-fluids regime since my heart attack and subsequent episode of heart failure, so I have to be careful not to exceed my limit of 7 glasses of fluid daily.
    My sweet cravings existed long before the heart adventures, though, and at that time I tried to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, as well as 5 or 6 cups of tea.
    It’s a frustrating thing, this feeling/being out of control. I did so well for 18+ months after the heart attack but since Christmas I’ve become worse and worse, and I’ve gained nearly 10 pounds.

  4. I love Cheetos is their something that I can make to replace them????

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