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Ask Skinny ChefNo matter where I go or who I meet, I’ve noticed one thing – people really do love to learn about food and want to know more about health. But unraveling complex diets, understanding the intricacies of nutrition, and exploring the ever-changing world of food and medicine can be complicated.

Yet I’ve learned that making small changes in your diet and lifestyle can be incredibly manageable and easy, even for people with the busiest schedules. Some of the small changes that I made in my own diet – including the way I view food – have brought about drastic changes in my weight, health, and overall happiness in life.

Coming from my own experiences growing up in a family who still struggles with obesity and overeating, I know that living healthy may seem like a difficult path. The Ask Skinny Chef forum is a place to ask all those questions you’ve had about health and food, gain support, and increase member’s excitement about healthy eating.

Ever wonder about those food myths and if they are really true? Have a healthy cooking question? Now’s your chance to find out.

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  1. Question: Are there fruits certain fruits and dairy products that should be limited because of the sugar content?

    Fruit and dairy do have natural sugars, however they both come with high amounts of other really important nutrients for the body like fiber, vitamins, minerals and water content. If you’re concerned about sugar, eliminate any added granulated sugar, sodas, and sweets. I’d love to know more about your concerns with sugar.

  2. Question: Your cookbook has a lot of great recipes. I am single and cooking for one is often difficult. Can the recipes be frozen?

    Absolutely – You can also split the recipes in half to have them serve 2, and just freeze one portion. I always label frozen goodies with a sharpie and the date so I know what’s in each package and it prevents a lot of waste.

  3. Question: How is this better than counting points with Weight Watcher’s?

    It’s true that in order to lose weight, you need to restrict calorie intake and dial up burning calories – requiring you to become aware of calorie count for certain foods. But as I said in my video, I am not a fan of counting calories – rather, I want you to start cooking more at home, and have a greater hand in your own health. I noticed that Weight Watcher’s assigns points to fast food, which isn’t even part of my program. Getting away from processed foods is absolutely the best thing you can do for your health. That being said, I know there are people who have lost weight by “counting points”, but I prefer my system for eating foods you love and getting proper nutrition at the same time. The program is based on high quality foods. If you don’t have the “point” guide what do you do in weight watchers? In this program you cook the meal and divide it into four portions and you’re set.

  4. Question: How can you cook for a big eater in the family while doing this also?

    Is your “big eater” looking to lose weight? Then you can access the I’m still hungry page. Depending on that person’s calorie needs you can serve them more than one portion – but I’d love to hear more.

  5. Question: When weighing food to eat the right portion, do you measure pre or post cooked weight?

    It’s post-cooked weight.

  6. Question: A lot of recipes call for almonds as a healthy substitute in sweets. With a nut allergy, is there any other healthy alternative?

    Can you let me know which recipe the substitution is in? 1 ounce of bittersweet 70% cocoa chocolate chopped could be a substitute for nut allergies.

  7. Question: Wondering if possible to get sugar count on Nutritional Info on recipes.

    Are you looking for sugar-stats for a specific recipe? We will most likely include this information in the next revision of the meal plan due out late this summer.

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