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Chocolate Avocado Milkshake

Chocolate Avocado Milkshake

Avocado in a milkshake might sound unusual, but in Vietnam it’s a traditional treat that you can order in local restaurants. Enjoy a creamy, rich shake while getting a serving of vegetables to boot!

Cherry Almond Smoothie


Frozen cherries are a great fruit to keep on hand for snacks and quick desserts! Ideal for smoothies, cherries are naturally sweet, the frozen whole black cherries are fairly inexpensive, and store for months in your freezer. If you use fresh cherries, chill before serving.

Citrus Smoothie

Citrus Smoothie

Smoothies can be a no-mess way to get in vital nutrients that you may be lacking in your everyday diet, like vitamin C and calcium. They are superfast to whip up and the creamy texture can help fight cravings for sweets and frozen treats.

Grapefruit Bellini


This Bellini is rich in vitamin C with the addition of grapefruit juice. Nutmeg adds spicy sweetness to this peach-based drink. Find out more about the health benefits of grapefruit.

Orange Spiced Tea


During cold winter evenings, my granny would gather a knitted blanket onto to her lap and sip her favorite tea. The odor of orange punctutated by the dark musk of cloves would fill our small living room as she siped, slowly turning the pages of her latest travel book. My version of her favorite tea has cinnamon for added spice and flavor.

Pomegranate Margarita


Besides ranking high as an antioxidant, pomegranate is delicious, tart and sweet at the same time. Margaritas are fun for entertaining and a great way to refresh thirsty guests at your next BBQ or picnic.

Papaya Lime Cooler


Papaya is high in vitamin C and a good source of fiber. It’s cool, soothing fruit blends up smooth, ideals for mixed drinks and smoothies.

Kir Royal


Kir is a traditional French aperitif that combines the sweet syrup of currants with dry white wine. This kir is “royal” since it uses champagne. If you can’t find the crème de cassis, any sweet raspberry flavor liquid will work nicely.

Jenn’s Negrone


This might look like a Shirley Temple, but it packs a punch with the gin! If you want to make a lighter version, cut the portion in half and top with club soda.



Winters in New York City can be unfriendly with frigid winds and sudden snowstorms. I remedy the conditions by making my favorite hot, holiday drink, Glühwein. My friend Sonja gave me this version of classic German recipes – it is a great way to start a party: sweet and warm, it goes down so easily on a cold, icy night.

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